Custom Folded Leaflet Flyer Printing Service

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Product name: custom folded leaflet flyer printing service
Size and design: customized
Material: coated paper, art paper
Surface finish: matte lamination or without finish
Unit price: usd0.05-usd0.9
Brand: KP
Origin: Qingdao, China
FOB port: Tianjin, Qingdao, Shanghai, etc
MOQ: 500pcs for custom order

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Uch has been said about why brochure marketing should be used. They are one of the most useful marketing materials. Not only do they capture the attention of your target market with great visuals, they also have plenty of room to explain the details of their products and services.

We can’t say the same thing about how to actually use a pamphlet. Of course, there are many free blank brochure templates that you can use to promote. However, few articles discuss booklet folding and how to use them.

A unique feature of the brochure is that it has many folds. For effective brochure marketing, knowing when to use a brochure is crucial. After analyzing which content resonates better with your target market, you should choose which brochure folds are appropriate.

In Print Runner, we offer several folds that you can add to your brochure. The only challenge is choice. Here are the different types of booklet folding and their best USES.

Five times

The simplest way to fold a booklet is to fold it in half. This fold option creates two panels on each side, like a book. You can use it for simple business presentations without too many pages. A relatively large home page can be a great opportunity for engaging visual design.

Three percent off is our most popular option. Also known as a letter fold, this classic booklet fold has three equal faces on each side. They fold into each other in distinctive folds. These folds are often used in marketing campaigns to explain products and services because of their unique design. These three equal folds are intuitive, especially for sequence of steps and numbered lists.


Please note that we don’t sell any stock. We are offering printing services and we need vector PDF files to print. To offer an accurate price, we need to know your book size, quantity of inner pages, color of cover and inner, etc.
The sizes we usually print are A4, A5, etc.

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